Cabinet Workshop offers following services:

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen has always been the most expensive area to renovate in the home, now there is a better way with no mess and little inconvenience to you. Cabinet Workshop can give a new lease of life to tired old kitchen cabinets, bench tops and doors by refacing or resurfacing them in your choice of designer colours and finishes.

Furniture Restoration

We don’t just provide a full restoration service. Many customers turn to us (once the children have finally moved out) to simply tidy up the years of good honest family wear and tear on dining tables, chairs, coffee tables and side tables. We touch-up the small scratches and revive the existing finish, giving your furniture a new lease of life – that is until the grandchildren arrive of course!

Bathroom Vanities
& Built in Units

Our custom-built vanity units are designed specifically to suit your needs and budget. Bathroom vanity basin installation or replacement is generally not difficult for an experienced plumber. A hot and cold water supply will need to be extended to the location of the proposed unit from the nearest line if there is not already a supply. We will do all this things for your convenience.

Custom Closets

Whether it be a one off piece of furniture, or a home library or office, we can build to your design or design based on your requirements. With award winning cabinetmakers, blacksmiths and welders we can just about tackle anything you want. We do all kinds of custom made furniture here in Ottawa.

Light Commercial

We are planning to provide you with our light commercial service in the near future.
Stay tuned!