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Our custom-built vanity units are designed specifically to suit your needs and budget.

Our custom-built vanity units are designed specifically to suit your needs and budget.

The challenge with the bathroom is more to organize storage to be at arms reach from the user when required.

Custom made, built in storage makes good sense in the bathroom because it is a good way of concealing things like plumbing pipes, undersides of sinks and other things that don’t make your bathroom presentable. By custom making the cabinetry, you can maximise your use of space, and not leave any gaps that can be well used. Other options for storage include glass shelves, alcoves in the walls (which can be lit to create a feature) tall shallow cupboards, which can fit into awkward corners, mirrored cabinets, or revolving mirrored cabinets

A well designed bathroom vanity cabinet can be the centrepiece of your bathroom renovation. It is the highlight of the new bathroom. Therefore it is highly recommended you spend some time planning and considering the different options before finalising the bathroom vanity cabinet design.

The end design of your built in bathroom vanity is dependent on your own day-to-day personal needs and storage requirements.

For starters you should consider who will be using the bathroom vanity and go from there. You may also want to consider what will be stored in the cabinet. This will guide you to your final vanity design.

Consider whether you require extra bench space or whether a larger basin is what you would like.

Keeping in mind that cupboards are better for storing larger items such as linen, while drawers are better for smaller items such as makeup items and toiletries.

Consider that you will need a cupboard or a space under the vanity basin to allow for the plumbing to run out.

Open spaces can be used for a feature, to display towels and items of interest.

Here at Cabinet Shop the designer will work to come up with the best design to meet your personalized requirements and needs.



*** We offer a huge selection of colours, styles and finishes to choose from for your vanity doors, depending on your taste and budget, from lami-wood to timber to polyurethane.

You may like a routed door for that extra touch and there are many designs to choose from.
You can also choose your basin, from under mount to semi-recessed to above counter.

A bathroom vanity basin is a great way to transform the look of a bathroom by concealing the water supply pipes and drain pipes that service it, and providing more counter space to apply makeup or shave. At the same time, it will also serve as a cupboard in which toiletries can be stored, making the bathroom look much less cluttered.

Bathroom vanity basin installation or replacement is generally not difficult for an experienced plumber. A hot and cold water supply will need to be extended to the location of the proposed unit from the nearest line if there is not already a supply. Drainage can then be joined to the bath or shower waste. Then it is a matter of connecting up the selected unit, and you will have a new bathroom vanity basin and counter.

Incorrect installation is one of a number of causes of a leaking bathroom vanity basin. If, for example, the unit is not sealed to the counter or around the faucet and taps this may lead to a leak. As with a kitchen sink, a leaking bathroom vanity basin will damage the inside of the unit, and may also damage anything stored in it, like a hair dryer or electric razer. Once discovered, you should have any leaks fixed quickly to prevent water damage.

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