Making cabinets for your kitchen DIY

Making Cabinets Technique

Don’t get me wrong, I like Norm Abram.  I think he has a ton of talent and does a bang up job instructing and propagating woodworking but I have to say it pains me severely to watch him build regular, run-of-the-mill, everyday cabinets.  He spends so much time and wasted energy on them that I want to run screaming into the night.  We’re talking basic kitchen and bathroom variety cabinets here, not ship-going vessels.  The function of a cabinet is to sit there or hang there and that’s it, that’s all it’ll ever do.  All those fancy screws and all the glue and all them rabbets and dadoes he uses are totally unnecessary.  There, I said it and I’m not the least bit afraid of doing so.

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Let’s learn how to paint kitchen cabinets

Freshen up your kitchen by giving your cabinets a quick coat of paint. So, let’s learn how to paint kitchen cabinets together! These tips and tricks will help you paint with ease.

By Daniela Payne

Looking to update your kitchen without spending a fortune? Painting your kitchen cabinets is a simple and inexpensive DIY project that’ll leave the space feeling as good as new.

Painting your kitchen cabinets: Materials you need

• Goggles
• Rubber gloves
• Plastic sheeting and painter’s tape
• Sander or sandpaper
• Degreaser product, like trisodium phosphate (TSP)
• Stix
• Primer
• Tack paper
• Paint

5 steps to painting your kitchen cabinets

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Canadian Trends in Bathroom renovation trends 2014

Our most private space is acquiring a star power all its own. Find out what the experts say is hot this year in bathroom renovations.

Today’s bathroom has thrown off its former role as a supporting player on the home stage and evolved into a mini-haven behind closed doors. Which is why so many want to have bathroom renovations done to their home. We asked a selection of bath and interior designers across Canada to tell us about the most popular design elements for bathrooms and bathroom renovation trends 2014 nowadays. The consensus is that whether modest or opulent, our most private space is acquiring a star power all its own.

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London terrace – excellent pitch – Interior design

 – A glass extension echoes the roofline of a Victorian terrace and transforms the space within.

“I miss the light in Croatia” Jelena cousins explains. When she and her husband, Ben, designed a home for their growing family in north London, not only did they want to create ‘as much space as possible’, they also wanted ‘an uncompromised view of the sky’.

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Cabinet Doors Making

Cabinet Doors Making 

A major part of cabinet and furniture making, and often an area that causes stress to some woodworkers, is cabinet door construction. With a systematic approach, it need not be quite so intimidating. An understanding of the process will change this into “just another phase of woodworking”. This article should be quite helpful in explaining how to make cabinet doors.

Cabinet Door Styles

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Interior design – a Scottish home with a slow pace of life

Textile designers who rescued a Highlands homestead found the landscape imprinted itself on their work.

By Nicole Swengley

When Simon and Angie Lewin spotted an abandoned farmstead in the Grampians for sale on a property website, it wasn’t so much the mid-Victorian granite cottage that caught their eye but its derelict outbuilding. ‘We immediately saw the potential to create a wonderful live/work space in a fantastic location,’ Simon says.
As the co-founders of St Jude’s, a small but thriving business set up in 2005 to create artist-designed fabrics and wallpapers, the Lewins were living near their Norwich studio and office when they bought the steadings in 2002. ‘Happy memories of childhood holidays spent visiting my grandfather in Edinburgh and exploring the Highlands attracted us to Scotland, and we had wanted to move there for a while,’ Simon says.
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How to plan a perfect kitchen layout

How to plan a perfect kitchen layout

No matter how much you spend on your kitchen, if the layout isn’t right, it’s a waste of money.
When embarking on a new kitchen the first and most important step is to plan the layout in a way that makes the best use of the space. Though every home is different, there are four or five classic layouts, each with their own benefits: single and double galley kitchens with one or two continuous runs of cabinets; L-shaped kitchens that are built into a corner and offering optimum counter space; and U-shaped kitchens, which surround the cook on three sides with everything within easy reach.
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